Make the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY!

Science in the Studio Online Overview

Science in the Studio ONLINE is like no other conference or professional development session you’ve ever attended. This amazing experience focuses on inquiry-based learning, STEM-driven activities and best practices to enhance every classroom! Mister C created this experience to inspire, empower and change HOW teachers teach science through fun, exciting and media rich demonstrations and experiments!

Most importantly, this professional development experience can happen from the comfort of your home! Work along side by side with Mister C and explore amazing concepts, amazing experiments, and amazing videos that will take learning to new heights in your classroom. The online professional development will be recorded as if you were in the room with Mister C. Then, you’ll have time to complete and do the activities, post results to our Facebook group and enjoy learning with colleagues all across the country!

No one is better at capturing the imagination and attention of students and teachers than Mister C. From Hair Raising Science on his YouTube channel to exploring science in his kitchen with his new PBS Kids show Full STEAM Ahead, Mister C knows that creating a memorable and powerful learning experience is second to none! Whether it’s PBL, STEM, or STEAM, it’s not the WHAT we are teaching our students, but the HOW we teach and engage our students that matters most. Mister C knows how to make powerful connections with learners and turns any venue into an opportunity to build and grow his community of learners!

Mister C will capture your imagination, encourage you to think creatively, inspire you to make critical connections, while exploring and engaging in authentic real-world STEAM applications! Learn how to connect with your students DIGITALLY through intentional learning experiences and remind them that together, we can make “Learning Fun for Everyone!”