Mister C’s DIY Science Time

Mister C and his science crew invite you to join the DIY Science Crew! Together, we can explore amazing science concepts. This series currently has 13 episodes that will get students, teachers and families talking about science in their everyday lives. The show is designed to inspire everyone to give Science a Try with a simple DIY! Mister C and his crew have created an amazing learning experience for all of you! DIY Science Time is aired throughout the country by various PBS Member Stations, but can also be found online.

WunderSTEM Career Exploration

WunderSTEM focuses on Career exploration and workforce development. This series takes students on adventures and introduces them to the amazing world of STEM careers in our communities!

Speakers & Beakers

Speakers & Beakers is an all-new, action-packed, song-filled, children’s science program created by Kevin and Heather Cornell and hosted by Mister C.  Explore exciting experiments, dazzling demonstrations, silly songs, and connections to real world STEAM careers.  Join Mister C as he uses a little bit of music and a whole lot of fun to explore the hidden wonders of the world!  Remember, science is WHEREVER you are!


DIY smARTer is designed to inspire students and learners to expolore the arts through science.  Each episode was created to focus on one specific art topic.  This program was funded by the Ohio Arts Council.

The episodes also have curriculum to go with them adn can be found by clicking the button below!

Mister C’s Full STEAM Ahead

Mister C is a veteran educator and knows how to get everyone excited about learning! He knows that It takes only one minute, literally, one minute of your time to become inspired to do Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math right in your home! These 60 second STEAM Segments are designed with families in mind and  air on PBS Kids 24/7 throughout the country. Mister C knows that learning can happen anywhere, any time and encourages students, teachers, and families to learn together!

The Footlocker Project

Join Mister C on the adventure of a lifetime, as he explores the wonders of our military history.  This series is dedicated to the USA’s military history and features a number of episodes that will get you talking and learning about STEM and how our military has evolved over the years.  Designed to introduce teens and high school students to our rich military heritage.

Mister C visits Living Dayton

If you’re looking for amazing opportunities to learn together, you’ve landed on the right page! Mister C always makes learning fun for everyone and is now featured on Living Dayton the first Monday of each month! What type of Hair Raising Science will you see this month? Be sure to tune in to find out! If you missed a month, be sure to check out the experiments below!

Mister C Facebook Live Segments

Mister C is committed to bringing learning experiences to families in their home and this pandemic can’t stop the learning.  Check out all the Mister C Live episodes here, or join the excitement and mishaps  on Fabebook at  Original Mister C.

Science is WHEREVER you Are!