If you’re looking for amazing opportunities to learn together, you’ve landed on the right page!  Mister C always makes learning fun for everyone and is now featured on Living Dayton the first Monday of each month! What type of Hair Raising Science will you see this month? Be sure to tune in to find out! If you missed a month, be sure to check out the experiments below!

Mister C Explores Science with the Living Dayton Crew!

Vortex Canons

Dry Ice Soap Tower

Baking Soda Balloon

Mini Rockets

Alka-Seltzer Rockets

Elephant Toothpaste

Newton’s Egg Drop

DIY Slime

Ping Pong Ball Cannon

Mentos Eruption

Milky Fireworks

Refraction Action

Instant Snow

Black Light Fun

Thermal Expansion


Sink or Float