Mister C Kooky Kazoo!

Mister C blowing through a kazoo

Building your own Kooky Kazoo is easier than you think.  That’s because many of you probably already have these simple items in your home!  Grab the following items to get started:

  • Straw
  • 2 Large craft sticks
  • 3 rubber bands
  • Scissors

kazoo materials


Step 1:  Stretch your larger rubber band around one of the craft sticks.

Mister C Kazoo Build with rubber band wrapped around the craft stick

Step 2: Cut your straw into 1 inch sections.  You’ll need two pieces for your kazoo

Mister C cutting straw into smaller pieces

Step 3: Place one straw under the rubber bad on one end of the craft stick.  And place one rubber band on top of the rubber band on the other end of the craft stick.

Mister C placing straws into Kazoo

Step 5: Use the second craft stick to sandwich everything together

Mister C sandwiching everything together

Step 6: Use the remaining two rubber bands on each end to hold everything together.rubber band around edge to hold Mister C's kazoo together

Step 7:  Play your Kazoo

Kazoos make sound because of the vibration you create when you blow air through the two sticks.  The rubber band vibrates and produces that buzzing sound.  What if you try a thicker rubber band in the center?  Does the pitch get higher or lower?  What if you try longer craft sticks?  Think like a scientist and experiment with different designs!  Looking for more fun activities and videos?  Check out Mister C on YouTube!

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  1. i love you mister c.you are super duper awesome love watching your videos,they look incredibly fun.you are my favorite!

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