Learning Science is Fun!


Learning Science really is fun! Mister C is an educator who loves to make learning fun for everyone and creates awesome videos to help students learn about super duper cool math and science concepts. Mister C takes pride in working with community organizations to enhance learning for everyone. Mister C is Ohio’s Lead PBS Digital Innovator for 2016 and works closely with PBS and other entities to provide educational programming for students!

Mister C is also working to create new and exciting Science Boot Camps for teachers and students. Stay tuned for more information and be sure to subscribe to receive the latest information about professional development opportunities.

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Super Simple Sticky Slime

Creating slime is not only gooey and insanely fun, but it’s super duper easy and can be done by anyone! Please CLICK HERE for the PDF Download. Have fun and remember share your photos on social media using #HairRaisingScience in your posts.

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3/11/17 – Science Saturdays –
4/8/17 – Science Saturdays
4/23/17 – Greene STEAM
5/5/17 – Living Dayton
5/20/17 – Beavercreek Fishing Derby
6/10/17 – Science Saturdays
6/25/17 – Presenter at ISTE
7/4/17 – Beavercreek Parade
7/4/17 – Beavercreek Fireworks Hair Raising Science
7/8/17 – Science Saturdays
7/23/17 – GreeneSTEAM
8/4/17 – Downtown Dayton Hair
8/5/17 – Dayton Maker Faire
8/6/17 – Dayton Maker Faire
8/7/17 – KidX at the Dayton Mall
9/9/17 – Science Saturdays
10/14/17 – Science Saturdays
11/11/17 – Science Saturdays
11/15/17 – Keynote @ Ideastream.org
12/9/17- Science Saturdays

Learning should be out of this world!


Mister C knows that learning can happen in a variety of ways! Take a sneak peek at some of Mister C's videos! Songs, Videos, Demonstrations and more! Start your adventure now!

Mister C’s YouTube Channel
Science allows us to understand the world around us!
Math is AMAZING!!! Mister C loves working with numbers and knows that math and science go hand in hand! Mister C loves to solve all sorts of problems!
It’s amazing to see and understand the world around us! Slow Motion makes everything better!
Nothing beats a great lesson starter, especially one that has chocolate!