Give Science a Try, with a Simple DIY!


DIY Science Time is a 15-time Telly Award Winning program that Mister C produces in partnership with Alabama Public Television.  Seasons 1 and investigate the world through experiments, demonstrations and activities. Viewers are invited to join along with host Mister C and his science crew to complete fun DIY science experiments, using household materials. DIY Science Time is designed for students in grades 4-6 but may also be of interest to younger or older children.

Don’t worry! Season 3 is in production!!  Visit! 

Learning Science is Fun!


Mister C is the Emmy Award winning producer for Speakers & Beakers, and a three-time Emmy nominated producer and host of Full STEAM Ahead, which airs on PBS stations across the US. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel LearningScienceisFun.

Whether online, on-air or live on stage, Mister C’s high energy and infectious attitude will have you out of your seats, having fun learning together!

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Learning Science really is fun! Mister C is an educator who loves to make learning fun for everyone and creates awesome videos to help students learn about super duper cool math and science concepts. Mister C takes pride in working with community organizations to enhance learning for everyone.

Mister C is not your ordinary educator! As an 19 year education veteran, Mister C has spent time as a classroom teacher, principal, curriculum specialist and district administrator. His specialty is knowing how to inspire and engage learners of all ages using video, music and live presentations.


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Mister C knows that learning can happen in a variety of ways! Take a sneak peek at some of Mister C’s videos! Songs, Videos, Demonstrations and more! Start your adventure now!

Mister and Mrs. C win a regional Emmy for their children’s program Speakers & Beakers!

This artist was awarded the Ohio Arts Council’s Make Media Count for 2020.

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