Let’s Learn Together!

Mister C is known for his Hair Raising Science and creating content – songs, videos, live presentations – to engage students and teachers all across the globe. Mister C is an expert in facilitating STEAM Learning!  In fact, Mister C is a regular guest on Living Dayton and has a television series on PBS’ Public Media Connect (ThinkTV and CET) in southwest Ohio called Full STEAM Ahead where he invites students and families to join him to explore STEAM activities that can be completed in everyone’s home!

Whether it’s creating eye-catching, high-energy professional development for educators, or developing a team building experience for students and business organizations, Mister C knows that powerful experiences are the key to creating unforgettable experiences.

What makes your hair stand up on end?

Mister C is the host of the new series Full STEAM Ahead where viewers are encouraged to participate in do-it-yourself experiments with friends and families. The series airs in southwest Ohio on Public Media Connect’s PBS member stations CET and ThinkTV on PBS. Full STEAM Ahead will also be available online at PBS LearningMedia. “Let’s Learn Together!”


Mister C is no stranger to creating powerful and exciting learning that gets students, teachers and parents hooked on learning! Whether he’s singing a song for a group of educators, or demonstrating Bernoulli’s principal, Mister C knows how to get learners energized and pumped up about learning! Whether he’s in the PBS Studios or on-air with Living Dayton, Mister C knows how to connect with his audiences (and maybe even make the studio producers a little nervous about things that may, or may not, explode)!

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