Make your own DIY Halloween Slime!

Welcome back to Learning Science is Fun!  I have to be honest, I’ve been in a very sticky situation since making this DIY Halloween slime!  It’s ooey, gooey, and lots and lots of fun!  I spent a lot of time just playing and making all sorts of fun sounds.  This activity is easy and it’s fun to do!  You need to ask your parents to take you to the store and grab the following ingredients.  It’s super duper cheap and provides hours of fun!

In order to make the Borax slime, you’ll need:

    1. Elmers glue
    2. Water
    3. Food coloring
    4. Borax
    5. A jar you can seal and “shake it off” just like Taylor Swift would expect
    6. spoon
    7. container to mix your ingredients
    8. Watch this awesome tutorial by Mister C

Slime is an amazingly fun science experiment to do at home and allows learners to explore chemistry, polymers and viscosity.



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