Ghost Bubble Blaster

Looking for a Spook-tacular activity to boost your Halloween spirit while doing a little science with your at home scientists?  Well look no further!  My name is Mister C and I believe that “Learning science is fun!”  and can be done by everyone!  Halloween is that wonderful time of year that encourages us to think about those scary and ghoolish decorations as we prepare for the annual trick or treaters to come knocking on our doors!  

When I think of Halloween, I think of science concepts and all of the batty activities that parents and kids can do at home together!  This year, make your Halloween or Fall gathering the talk of the town with this fun and simple Mister C Ghost Bubble Blaster!  Skeletons may not want to participate in this activity because they may not have the guts for it, but kiddos love it and will be asking “How does that actually work?”  

“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts,” are the words your little scientists will be saying as you build yourself a Mister C Ghost Bubble Blaster!  This device takes the cooling power of dry ice to create a misty fog that is captured in a bubble that can be safely handled.  Please watch the video (Embed video here:  

  Safety is always Mister C’s number one science rule, so remember:  Dry Ice should always be carefully handled by adults with appropriate safety equipment. Dry Ice is approximately -110 degrees Fahrenheit.

What makes this activity so much fun?  Children, and parents, get to try to catch and hold these mini bubbles filled with fog (Actually carbon dioxide).  That’s right, dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide that sublimates.  This means it goes directly from solid to a gas.  And that warm water…It accelerates the process to create streams and streams of amazing fog!  In fact, find a soft pair of gloves and you might actually be able to catch these little critters and hold them in your two hands before they pop!

This fun and exciting activity is just one of many that you can do with family and friends to celebrate the Fall season!  Check back soon for more at home science with Mister C!  And remember, “It’s Science Time!”

What you’ll need to get started at home:

  • A tall plastic container with a removable lid  Clear Container with lid
  • 3 ft clear hose (Home improvement store)
  • Barbed Nylon Adapter (Home improvement store)
  • PVC Nozzle and connectors
  • Drill
  • Dry Ice
  • Warm Water
  • Glove (safety equipment)
  • Dish detergent and small bowl

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