Mister C’s 2018 Must Haves

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Looking to transform your science classroom and have fun engaging with your students?  Check out some of Mister C’s favorite science tools that make learning fun in, and out of, the classroom!

Mister C Kooky Kazoo!

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Mister C blowing through a kazoo

Building your own Kooky Kazoo is easier than you think.  That’s because many of you probably already have these simple items in your home!  Grab the following items to get started: Materials: Straw 2 Large craft sticks 3 rubber bands Scissors   Step 1:  Stretch your larger rubber band around one of the craft sticks. Step 2: Cut your straw … Read More

Square Bubbles Experiment

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Mister C Cube Bubble

Let’s Make some Bubbles!   Experimenting with square bubbles is the perfect summer time activity!  Get outside, get messy, and have some fun!  Bubbles are fun for any age and it will definitely get you talking about science!  To make a square bubble, you’ll need the following materials: Materials: Six straws Six pipe cleaners Scissors Bubble Mix – Store bought … Read More

Table Top Tower Challenge

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HairImage of Mister C's Raising Science Table Tope

Are you ready for the Table Top Tower Challenge? Mister C is all about creating fun and exciting opportunities for students and families!  So much in fact that he created a challenge for families to do at home!  This one is SIMPLE, but you can make it as complex as you need!  It’s called the Table Top Tower Challenge! What … Read More